Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So I've been busy and whatnot. Not making excuses, but I'm just saying. I've been reading blogs all morning and have a renewed sense of purpose about sharing with my long lost blog buddies. I'm sure nobody is gonna stop by to really read since I kinda fell off the map for several months, but I promise I'll do what I can to get back on your blogrolls and to become a part of your regular blog reading rotations. Okay, enough of that.

So since during the summer months I have a more relaxed schedule, I am able to go in for a few hours a day if I feel like it or when I'm called. I love everything about being on your own schedule. Right now we're in the midst of a transition on my job. Much to my chagrin, we're moving forward with new leadership for this upcoming school year. This puts me in quite a precarious position. Here's why. Whenever there's a change in leadership, often the entire leadership team and persons who were loyal to the vision of the leadership or in support of the same are slowly moved out. I don't necessarily anticipate that this will be my fate, but I'd be foolish to think that it is not at least a possibility. In addition, the people who have wanted to 'get at me' because they were jealous of the relationship I had with my former supervisor now probably feel that it's their time to come up in the world. Those who know me well know that I am not intimidated by this. I can hold my own. Again, I'd be foolish, however, to pretend that this is not a real possibility and would be even more foolish to believe that it isn't likely that some people might attempt to capitalize on this and attempt to throw me under the bus. These feelings have been undergirded by the reports I've received from persons informing me that people are indeed beginning to run off at the mouth. Not to worry. These are the people who will feel the cold steel of stricter observations and increased visibility for their many shortcomings. If we gon do whatever, then we need to be prepared to have whatever done back to us. It's not right, but it's okay. (Somebody stop me.)

So in the very near future I will be making a voyage to Savannah, Georgia, to put right what for years has been so tragically wrong. I don't like nothing (a purposeful double negative) about what's going on at home. After having lost two limbs, sight, functioning kidneys, and in the absence of a heart that is functioning in the way that God originally ordained, him* is still acting a fool. Unreal. Be having my moma up at all hours of the night looking up stuff online and reading him* the Bible. I cannot for the life of me figure out why she won't just shut that B.S. down. People who don't have legs, eyes, kidneys, and only have perfunctory hearts, DO NOT MAKE DECISIONS. Since everyone at home doesn't seem to know this, it is encumbered upon me to be the voice of reason to bring this message to the forefront so that everyone will be aware. In many ways I feel like a savior with a message of deliverance. It's my job to set the captives free! So did I also mention that the church voted him* out? Him* still feels like him* needs to be preaching so him* coerces my sister into updating his resume and mailing it out to various churches in the area, begging for preaching engagements so that him* can take his tainted message of the road. UN-FUCKING-REAL! It absolutely unnerves me that this foolishness is going on. I cannot take those people. And they wonder why I don't go home. I simply cannot get with that ridiculousness. Who does that? So now churches now have to add to their list of requirements:

  • Of good report
  • Faithful and diligent
  • People person
  • Walking
  • Seeing
  • Able to effectively exegete a text
  • A visionary

Sounds absurd right? Yeah, so is thinking that someone who is unable to walk and see and is generally in poor health is ready or fit to be a pastor of a church.

So I've been actively seeking high risk insurance on him*. I found a company. At this point I've given them all of the required information and am just waiting on them to get back with me on the terms. Basically, if they write me the policy, I'm sitting on a lottery ticket.

So this is random, but let's see, so far we've covered job and family stuff. I woke up this morning with an insatiable desire for some french toast. I made some but then got even a lil more inventive. I decided to try to make a smoothie of sorts to go with my french toast and bacon. I used cantaloupe, kiwi, grapes, milk and a little orange juice. It was almost terrible, but nevertheless I didn't want to waste food so I drank it anyway. I included a pic. Doesn't it just look aweful?

So I thought I'd add....

I laid my brother's soul to rest in the Popeye's parking lot. He play too much and he play with grown folks.

I went to bingo the other day and had a blast. I've gotta get back on my bingo grind.

Been hanging out in DC a little more now. The city really has grown on me.

There was something else I was about to write about but it just slipped my mind. I hate when that happens.

Take care....I'll update soon.