Saturday, December 1, 2007


If I can't believe everything you say, then I can't believe nothing you say. (I am aware of the double negative.)

This is one of the most poignant sayings that I have ever heard. It speaks to honesty and integrity--two closely related ideas that are of paramount importance to me. If you want the fight of your life, say something against my character. I can handle all other attacks against me. You can call me short, fat, ugly, stink, stupid, etc., but under no circumstances can you assassinate my character. Your name is all you have and when people attack your name they in essence attempt to alter your destiny. I say alter your destiny because when other people hear what someone who has attacked you has said, they engage you in conversation and in deed as if what the attacker said is/was the gospel truth. I'm not sure where this diatribe came from, but I just had this on my heart. It's not like anything like this has happened to me recently, but I just felt like putting this out there.

In other news, a teacher at my school beat up a student, a kid set a desk on fire, and we have random students (one of whom is in my 3rd block class) pulling fire alarms for kicks. East Side High.

What are some of your favorite sayings and why do they speak such volumes to you?


Ebonne said...

Thanks for sharing and I totally agree.

one of my favorite sayings is I wasnt born an original, to die a clone. Society tried to stereotype and put everyone in a box. Each person in born uniquely in their own right but live their live trying to conform to what is accepted by everyone else around them. I personally dont live that way... and although it may come off as selfish sometimes, I live my life to please myself first.

dreamyj said...

i think one of my favorite saying is "life is a journey" it helps me realize that accomplishing one goal or striving toward one thing in life doesn't make it whole, the total experience, the everyday is what life is about, so i try to make the most of each.

Anonymous said...

This blog is boring. Miss ya.

Gina said...

I enjoyed your blog. Your excellent writer. May God continue to bless you. Miss ya.

cadence said...

"Let go and let God"

I am a control freak. I always need to know that things will work out and I do to what I can to make it happen that way. I always need options.

Life has taught me that I am not in control of anything...the Master is. The peace that I tried to make for myself will never be unless I "let go". -- Cadence