Thursday, June 28, 2007

On the grind

So I'm doing the exercise and eat right/portion control thing. It is slowly working to help me reach my goal. So far I've been able to---
Jim Lehr: Hold it! We interrupt this blog posting to bring you some breaking news straight out of the channel seven news room.
Kathy Minks: This just in Jim. JayBee joined a gym.
Jim Lehr: Kathy what did you say? He joined a gym? Are you sure? That doesn't sound like him.
Kathy: Well, Jim, it's true. He actually paid an enrollment fee and joined a gym. And get this, he's been going everyday.
Jim: What does he do when he gets there?
Kathy: Sources close to JayBee say that he's doing aerobics and such and also messing around with some weights. It's an attempt to let Mr. Timberlake know that he isn't the only one.
Jim: The only one what, Kathy?
Kathy: That can bring sexy back (here). Kathy Minks channel seven news room signing off. Back to you Jim.
Jim: Well there you have it folks. JayBee is trying get in shape. We now rejoin the regularly scheduled blog posting already in progress.

I want to lose weight for my long term health. When I signed on to the 50 million pound challenge web site and put in my weight and height I realized that I am labeled as overweight. As my principal would say, "We cain't (not can't but cain't) haa (have) dat!"

I won't pretend that I haven't done some of the no-nos like eating fried foods. I had some Captain D's last night. I can say though that I don't eat those things daily--at most I'd eat something like that once a week. Funny thing is while I'm eating it for whatever reason I don't enjoy it like I used to because I feel guilty knowing that what I'm eating is not a part of what I should be eating. Anyway let me stop obsessing about portion sizes and cruches lest someone think there's a anorexic white girl trapped in my body attempting to break free.

This past weekend I helped one of my friends (Tracey) move into her new apartment. She was just moving from the first floor to the second floor. She and her roommate decided to go their separate ways, but it was an amicable ending. Prior to me arriving she had told me that most of the stuff had already been moved. I was skeptical because I know her and I know her kind. When I arrived I had some words for her! I couldn't beleive that she hadn't really packed as much as she could have and I couldn't believe that she thought the dining room table and chairs constituted "most". Once we got everything moved in we went to Chilli's to grab a bite to eat. (Not on the meal plan). When I woke up the next morning I went for a swim and to exercise in the onsite weight room. When I got back Tracey's mom fixed Newguy and I some banging turkey and cheese omletes. (Newguy is my friend's new beau. I'm not sure she's really into Newguy. I think she's just tired of being single. A couple of months ago Newguy wrecked her car, but that's a whole 'nother blog.). Later that day Tracey, her mom, Newguy and I went to the farmer's market to get some fresh veggies for lunch. We came back to the apartment and Tracey's mom cooked some squash, potatoes and we had some store bought, albeit succulent rotisserie chicken. (also not on the meal plan).That evening we met a mutual friend at Twisted Fork at Triangle Towne Center. I've never really been a fan of this place but Tracey likes it so I agreed. What's friendship without compromise? I had a cuban panini that had a thick stack of ham slices, pork loin, cheese and toasted bread on each side. (definetely not on the meal plan). We made plans to go to the movies the next day.

I had a workshop to attend from 8:30a-4:30p. We had bagels and cream cheese and stuff like that to snack on in addition to sodas, coffee and water to drink. I happen to like bagels and cream cheese so I helped myself to two. I also had a little Sprite and water to drink. (more stuff not on the meal plan). Before going to the movies that evening Tracey and I went to Firebirds or something like that at North Hills. I only ordered a salad, but still not on the meal plan. When I got back to Greensboro to weigh in, I had gained two pounds back that I had lost. Two pounds in one weekend! I must stick to my plan. I love hanging in Raleigh, but I cannot lose weight if I eat like that when I'm there. What makes it so bad is that I actually packed all the stuff I would need to eat for the few days that I was scheduled to be down there. I somehow though, never got around to that stuff.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Three down, sixteen to go

So I'm trying to lose weight. On Tuesday my weight was 167 pounds. That means that I am overweight for my height. I'm only 5'6". I should weigh around 150 pounds. To that end, I am doing what I need to do to get myself to that target weight. I've adopted a diet to help me jumpstart the weight loss and I'm exercising daily. I'm also pretty much only drinking water and lots of it.Today I just weighed in at 164. I'm pleased and all the more determined now. Because of that small victory I now believe that I can do it. Once I drop the weight, I plan to tone everything up so that I can have the type of body that I want. The next goal is to weigh in at 157 pounds no later than July 4th. From there I want to be at the target weight no later than July 20th. If I should reach these milestones sooner, I'll be certain to let you know.