Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Qik - for the blog by Jay Bee


I think i'll use qik for videos. For some reason the app won't let me upload photos either. I'll work around it til I find another app that'll let me do it all. Suggestions?

Testing this out...

Ok so I downloaded an app to my evo...can't seem to upload a video so Imma start small with this quick post. Hopefully I can get it working.

What's That Thing Called?

You know that thing that people used to have on old shows that was kinda wrinkled on the sides like an accordion, but that you held with two hands to suck in and blow out air to fan flame to kinda give a lil jolt to the fire? Well yeah...that thingy...whatever it's called...that's what I'm doing now. I'm tryna revive this thing. Maybe I should change the background or something...maybe that'll help. I think I'll try that after I'm finished typing this.

So back in October I took my mom to the Bahamas as an early Christmas present. She's never been and neither had I. As a matter of fact I didn't even own a passport. The whole thing was a big deal. For weeks we talked on the phone making all of our preparations. By the way, I added her to my cell phone account and she has learned how to use her phone pretty well. At age 59, soon to be 60 January 28, 2011, she is texting messages and pictures. I even caught her watching tv on her phone. When we spoke the other day she mentioned that she forgot her password to Facebook. I was thinking to myself, "Since when did you get a Facebook account? You not 21 lady." I digress.

So yeah, we made our plans and whatnot and took a ship over to Grand Bahama to stay for a few nights. The ride over was absolutely dreadful. We had been warned though. The people said the seas were very rough and asked if we still intended to travel. I saw others still getting on the boat (well walking through the inside of the terminal thingy) so I assumed if they weren't deterred, why should I be? I had never been on a cruise ship. Both she and I got soooo sick. She was worse off than I. We both decided to try to go to sleep just to get through it. I was so relieved to be on solid ground again. Whew! It was so bad that my first thought once we had docked was that I could not take the boat back to Florida. I was going to have to secure flights for both of us. Fortunately, the ride back was pleasant. So smooth. I knew what I experienced on the ride over had to be the exception, otherwise I can't imagine why people would be traveling this way.

The trip was relaxing and cool. We shopped, ate, hit the beach, did some tours and frolicked with the locals. She was very appreciative and when we parted she of course asked the obligatory question about interacting with him*. I told her that I cannot make her any promises but I'll do what I can. By the way, I got another lead on AARP. I heard that they will write a policy on someone pretty much regardless of their health condition. If there is anyone out there reading this...do you know of any life insurance companies that will write policies on people regardless of their health? I need to know most expediently.

*************************************** One more post to go til I get to post 100. Go Jay...go Bee...go go go Jay Bee.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chia Pet

Does anyone else find the Obama chia pet thing offensive? Like I lightweight feel like the company is tryna be funny. I mean, I know they have George Washington and Abraham Lincoln up there too, but I still feel like the main goal was to make a caricature of our first black president. It feels akin to sambo or blackface. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. Any thoughts?