Thursday, September 22, 2011

I was holding out hope for Mr. Davis. Alas, it was to no avail. For a moment, I allowed myself to believe that there was a possibility that the Supreme Court would at least stop the execution until we could reexamine the witnesses who have since recanted their original testimonies. Nevertheless, it was not to be. At one point in my life, I was all for the death penalty. What i realize now is that it's all or nothing. Because of cases like this, I have to now confess that I am against the death penalty. This cannot continue. We have to stop this. I will confess though, that I didn't speak to a senator or DA or anyone else. I called, but didn't get an answer. We cannot afford to go back to business as usual. Let me add this...I don't know what happened because I wasn't there. But because of the doubt and supposition, that, in my opinion, is at least enough to have stopped the execution. I wonder if the Supreme Court is going to or already has published a reason for denying Davis another appeal. I'd like to read it if so.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


So I was thinking about the term bougie. I did a couple searches on the net to see what others had to say. I was inspired to develop my own list to tell if you are bougie. By the way, the items listed on here are my intellectual property and are not to be reproduced without the expressed written consent of blog owner.

You might be bougie if

1. People always make reference to your bouginess. Everybody ain't wrong. Accept it. If you are always justifying or explaining why you're not, chances are you are only further confirming the assertion. After all, being bougie is something that others are supposed to know and recognize about you, but that should never be spoken of. Bougie people like to feign modesty.

2. Every time you go to a restaurant you think of something to let the people around you know that you are up on what's happening. For example, you request shelled eggs at IHOP because you don't want the powdered version. Or you request a cup of hot water in which to soak your silverware to kill germs.

3. You would absolutely never consider parking your vehicle any where that offers valet. As a matter of fact, you probably choose to go to clubs/lounges/restaurants/malls that offer valet over the others. You probably disguise this by letting everyone know that you prefer the crowd/bartender/menu/stores at this particular location when the truth is your bougie azz just wants to valet. Especially if you are parking any of the flagship vehicles of the black bourgeoisie (benz, bmw, lexus)

4. Speaking of might be bougie if every time you rent a vehicle you scoff when the Hertz representative offers you a Camry and ask, "Do you have anything European?"

5. Even if you don't shop at the bougie stores (stop acting like you don't know which ones...Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, stuff like that) you only purchase fresh vegetables and have a healthy disdain for anything processed or that has been loaded with preservatives.

6. You can't remember the last time you actually physically washed your own car. Or your idea of cleaning is calling Merry Maids.

7. You have something that you don't eat any more or you boycott certain stores because of your political awareness.

8. You use your passport for identification. Like your license isn't good enough.

9. You wouldn't consider driving anywhere that will take longer than 3 hours in a car. You fly so frequently that you have it down to a science exactly what time you need to arrive to still make the flight.

10. You own at least 3 articles of clothing that have been purchased from a vintage clothing shop. One of the hallmarks of being bougie is longing for the simpler times--relishing the classics of the days gone by.

So...that's my first attempt at a list of something like this. Maybe I'll try another topic soon.

Take care.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Timeliness is Next to Respectfulness

I think a person's word is their bond. I'm a lil old school so I expect you to do what you say you are going to do. In the event that you cannot do what you say you are going to do, then there should be a way to communicate that such that I do not feel that you are not trustworthy. One thing is for certain, if you don't do what you say you are going to do, then I am going to begin to distrust you. The way that I process things are pretty simple. Yes or no. Today or tomorrow. I am or I am not.

I dislike when people are late. I strive to be on time. In the event that I am not going to make it at the agreed upon time (an infrequent occurrence) then I will extend to you a courtesy call to let you know what's going on and I'll be sure to include an updated ETA. To me, when you are late to something that you have agreed to attend at a predetermined time, then you are showing a lack of respect for the person or entity to whom you have committed. Some would argue that it's not that serious. I vehemently disagree. I cannot piecemill the areas with which I trust a person. I have to trust you implicitly or not trust you at all. I do not have room for a lot of gray areas.

Quick story. A few friends and I decided to go to King's Dominion last month. I told everyone to be at my place before 11 am so that we could leave. I call two of my people to see where they were. The response is, "I'm bout to leave my house in about 5 minutes." When people tell me things that do not make any sense to me I'm often left in a stunned silence as I try to make sense of what I've just heard. I'm thinking come again. How can you be about to leave your house in five minutes when the time is already 10:57? Your answer should have been something along the lines of, "I'm turning into your complex right now" or "I'm parking outside. I'll be up in 30 seconds." I told Ty (who was bringing Mike) to hurry up.

Fast forward to 11:30 am and still not Ty and Mike. I mean, who does that? Tonya and I left and headed on to the park. I sent a text to let them know that I had to roll out. I an apologetic text, a text saying have fun and then a phone call. I couldn't speak to Ty at the time because I was talking to someone about logistics for the park, but I did accept the call and say that we'd speak later. I guess I took too long to get back to him...(did anyone miss the part when I said I'm on the way to King's Dominion? Like I'm riding rides and stuff....I don't really have time to discuss your lack of respect or your tardiness)...I get an angry text asserting that I only left to impress Tonya and blah blah blah. Well, nothing could be further from the truth and the angry text isn't the subject of this post, neither is the assertion contained therein because people who know me well know how strongly I feel about people being prompt and timely. I mean, do what you say you are going to do. I manage to make it to places on time. It's not like I get helicoptered in. I plan ahead. Traffic? Leave 15 minutes earlier. You have to start from the time you are supposed to arrive at a place and plan backwards taking into account all of the tasks you must complete in order to arrive.

So here's the question. Do you agree that being late to an event that you have agreed to be on time to can be equated to a lack or respect?

Mind you I sent him a text around 9 am that morning and he assured me that he would be on time.

About the title...remember the saying that cleanliness is next to Godliness? Well, I'm throwing my own spin in the mix.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hot times

My first thought is if the title is going to turn to Arabic.

Just dropping a line since I'm under the dryer. Quick story. My boss wanted me to secure the building last week. He showed me which secret room to enter that controlled the lights and whatnot. He let me on and propped the door. He also showed me how he wanted me to lock the front. Little does he know that the secret room isn't so secret. I've been in there before because I have a master key. That's the point of this quick story. He has no idea that my key gives me access to so much on the building.

On another note I did a case search. I wanted to find out some information about someone that I heard. My, the power of a case search.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


So this will be a collection of random thoughts.

1. So I'm not sure why I didn't notice it when it was on, but The Nanny is actually kinda entertaining. Each Saturday morning I watch the reruns on TVLand. That's my routine until I feel like getting up and starting my day.

2. I'm so surprised that we missed a day of work on Thursday and had a 2 hour delay on Friday. This new interim chancellor (assuming she's the one making the decisions) is growing on me. She's a sister so she understands how we folks feel about the weather.

3. Somebody told me that they believe that my supervisor is highly functioning autistic. He taps when he's annoyed and scratches sometimes when responding to questions. I have GOT to look up the criteria for what that looks like. I laughed, but it's really not a laughing matter.

4. I wish I could've made it home for mama's birthday. At least one brother and my sister could make it.

5. All of my siblings have married and are divorced or in the process. I wouldn't take nothing for my journey right now.

6. So yeah, I didn't fully understand what all those old sayings meant when I was a child, but now I am at a place where they are fitting language to sum up what I feel.

7. Please quit advising me to buy. I appreciate the intent, but I am well capable of making informed decisions on my own. When I need your advice, I'll ask.

8. I just noticed that the title changed to arabic again. Wth?!

9. Maybe we can do a party for mom early march. Yeah, I think she'd like that.

10. I can't wait to get this tethering working on my phone so I can call Comcast and let them know to reduce my high a-- bill. Reason number 3518 I love my Evo.

11. I've offered to teach you how to fish. No, you can't have my flounder. We're going to show you how to raise your own.

12. What made people think I would fall out with my brother over a vehicle? Accidents happen. That's what we have insurance for. If I didn't understand the inherent risks, I would not have authorized him to use my vehicle.

13. So how long has it be suspended? Over 7 months? Wow. Thank God I haven't gotten stopped. Well...except that one time down town when the cop told me to move and I told him no. Then he said it again and I leaned out the window to say no again. Indignant, he flipped on those lights, backed up behind me and approached me at the window? I guess he though my answer was going to change. Luckily my boy got to the car so we could leave. I probably should've just moved. That could've been catastrophic. I do not want to go back to jail.

14. I prolly won't post any labels because it'll turn to arabic too.

15. Why is it that the people who claim they don't do drama are the biggest drama queens and kings? Sorta like how people say, "I don't wanna get in your business but...", and then promptly proceed to pry.

16. He could've let me drown...but instead He took me in.

17. The people who don't make decisions are the ones who think I can do it. I need the people who sign checks to take notice.

18. Grown people can have fun at Chuck E. Cheese. I'm just sayin'.

19. I'm too old to be scared to pause and be at a loss for words when she walks my way. Wth.

20. I'll say something the next time.

21. Did anyone see Due Date? Little Fockers?

22. Gotta remind mama to send my stuff from Christmas. Like...I don't want winter to be over before I get the sweater.

23. I'm hungry like shyt (in my DC voice). I'm so proud of my ability to assimilate.

24. Lemme get something to eat. Gotta get ready after while.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

इ अल्रेअद्य लूकेद अत माय फोरेहेअद एंड आईटी दोएसं'टी हवे सुक्कर व्रित्तें ओं आईटी

why did the title turn to Arabic characters? Gotta holla at blogger. The title is: I Already Looked At My Forehead and It Doesn't Have Sucker Written On It

So I have a friend named Jerry. Let me give you a lil background on Jerry. Jerry is the type of dude who has a heart of gold but makes decisions that aren't in his best interest. I guess basically he's still not mature and handling this being grown thing all that well yet. To help contextualize my questioning of his decision-making ability, I'll provide a couple examples. One time, instead of paying his rent, he decided to take his money and rent out a club to throw himself a birthday party. He bought himself a new suit and was buying drinks for people too. I didn't attend the event because I was like um, Jerry, this is stupid. Just get some people to meet you at the club. You can still buy drinks and have a good time. Why waste your check on renting the space. Well anyway, soon after this he lost his apartment, in part because he was unable to make up the money to get himself back on track. You think my assessment was still a lil hasty? Ok...try this one. So he had a good 9 - 5 making decent money. He decided he didn't like that job any more and decided to quit. He quit and began looking for another gig. (Already you should see one of the irresponsible things he did). He found another job relatively quickly so things seemed to settle down for him a bit then. During this time he also moved into a room in a woman's home. He and this woman are COMPLETE opposites. He's a young black dude full of energy and she's a older while lady who's very comfortable with her consistent routines. At this other job he began to get into it with his supervisor about his performance or lack thereof and his attitude. I'll fast forward to the pink slip. Then he got on unemployment.

All the while he's on unemployment he's struggling to pay 700 per month to his landlord. No reason, in my view, that he should have been struggling. The 700 covered rent and utilities. The only other bills he would've had to contend with are cell phone and food. I should not that he was receiving in excess of 1800 per month in unemployment.

By now I hope I have justified my opinion. I could give you more but I think those examples are sufficient. So yeah, before Christmas he called me while I was in Target to ask me if I could loan him some money to go home for Christmas. I told him no. I did tell him though that if he needed a ride from the bus station once he returned to DC he could ask me. On a whim I decided to hit him up earlier this week just to check to see that he returned safely and whatnot. Mind you the call in Target was so random because I had stopped accepting his calls and would not communicate with him for about 4-5 months. There is only so much Jerry I can stand. Like the reason I keep him around is because I absolutely do not understand his logic and it is fascinating to me sometimes to hear his absurd stories and listen to his antics. On this call he tells me that he's still looking for a job, his unemployment is running out, (Wasn't is extended like 3 times), he hasn't had a haircut in several months, he's personal training now and one of his clients paid for his LSAT test.

See how much that was? And that's the abridged version. Take a second and re-read all his claims. Okay now, let's move on. So somewhere in there he slipped in that he needed 20 to get a haircut. I was feeling a lil bad for him so I said that I could spare it. My thinking skills didn't kick in until we had disconnected the call. He's what came to mind. If you just went home for 2 weeks, why didn't you get a haircut then? I'm sure mama, sister, brother, cousin or step-half uncle would've seen to it that you got a haircut, given your situation. Secondly, if you're personal training people, I don't think I'd let you train me looking crazy if you haven't had a cut in months. And if you are training people then why wouldn't you take some of those ends and get a haircut? Another thought, if you had to borrow money from people (another mutual friend) to get home, why didn't you just stay here and get a haircut and realize that going home is a luxury that you cannot afford at this time? I guess that would've been too adult.

I decided to not give him the money for the aforementioned reasons. Thoughts?