Sunday, December 1, 2013

Random Stuff

I was just over at Don's spot and in leaving him a comment I thought of something that I needed to let all three of my current readers know: I'm a visionary and I didn't know it. When I was a child I remember asking my sister and other folks who were older about why we don't fry turkey since it's poultry and we fry chicken. They all scoffed at me and said it wouldn't 'fry up right.' So I sorta accepted it as fact, but always maintained in the back of my mind that one day when I had some money and some time where no one was around...kinda hard to do in a 4 bedroom house with 7 people...that i would venture into the kitchen and explore this idea myself. Well, I never got around to it, but I remember encountering some in college. I was people do fry turkeys. Maybe my sister and those around me just weren't experienced enough with other stuff to give me guidance on this subject. They just a bunch of jive turkeys!

It's funny when things transition and the person who initiated the end begins to reach out and admits all of what went wrong /what they did and whatnot. I don't know what to do with that at this point.

I got to do something that I've never done before recently. Always thought about it, but finally did it. Wasn't all that. But least I can cross it off my list.

My dressing was banging that I made for Thanksgiving. My mama said hers didn't turn out as well. Maybe I need to give her my recipe.

The birthday is coming up soon and I've made no plans. Dang....gots to do betta. I think I'm going to the A for a friend's graduation. Maybe I'll spend some time down there. Is Compound still open? (Am I showing my age?)

I enjoy church...primarily just the sermon though. I need a church where they preach first and do all the other stuff after that. I don't need and hour of singing and whatnot. I'm down with singing a song or two that doesn't last for an hour and have a bridge and a vamp and then doesn't get reprised when it's supposed to be over already and then us going home as we place the offering in the baskets.

This season of Real Housewives of Atlanta is heating up. That doggone Phaedra is a trip. She's not Apollo's mama. Dang. Gon tell him he better not do it again. He prolly did get some head from Kenya though....but hey....he still with her so she should be satisfied.

Is this an old school view? As long as dude is taking care of home, if he has a few indiscretions, can't you forgive it and move forward. Like...the bills are paid and you're able to travel and pick up a new pair of shoes if you choose. Can't you work with his other issues. You know how many people would love to have a man who can at least hold down a job and help---not pay---but help with the bills?

Joey is doing fine. Did I mention I have a shih tzu maltease mix named Joey? I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong, but I'm not inclined to Google or spell check it at this time.

I need to get my stuff together for work. It's almost time to start applying for promotions again.

Another RHOA question.....what the hell is wrong with Mama Joyce? Like gon get some money crazy. Stop hating.

YOu know how you start with a random list thinking you're gonna have all this good stuff to include? And then you start writing and realize there's not a much there as you thought and the stuff that you could really write more about you're still trying to keep close to the as not to be too vulnerable? Well yeah.....that's where I am.

I posted two days in a row and one went under November and the other day went under December. I'm spanning different months son!