Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obligatory Post

I'm at home right now in the bed when ordinarily I would be at work. I decided to take me a day. I haven't taken very many days off this school year and so I figure I'm due a day to just stay home and chillax. I'll grade some papers perhaps that I've been "grading" for the last five or six days and do a little house work and whatnot. I'll probably rewatch the last episode of The Wire that's on OnDemand and face devastation again as I see my favorite character be so unceremoniously gunned down, with no warning, pomp or circumstance. Now that he's gone, I can't image what they are going to do for the final couple of episodes.

I bought some books the other day from the local Barnes and Noble. I have Race Matters by Cornel West, "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?" by Dr. Beverly Tatum and Raising Black Boys by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu. Sometimes I'll get on a 'black' kick and just wanna read stuff and be intellectual and whatnot.

I haven't heard anything from the application I submitted for Atlanta Public Schools, but I'm sure they'll be contacting me soon. I mean, I'm young black and a man--who wouldn't want me to teach their kids? Not to mention the fact that I'm actually good at what I do.

Off the subject, but let's say you used to talk to this girl (or boy or whatever depending on who you talk to). A lot of time has passed since ya'll parted ways, but sometimes you think of them fondly and kinda wish ya'll could try again. You've been with other people and so has she. As a matter of fact she's with someone right now. If you were really feeling her again, would you step to her even though she's with someone else or would you let it ride? What if the person is married?

By the way I'm watchin' ole Barak. I really like him. I even have a picture of him on my fridge from when I went to hear him speak. I'm hesitant about him receiving the nomination, but the way things are looking, he just might pull it off.


mp1 v.8.0 said...

A teacher, huh?? I'm really thinking hard about getting into education. I just need to get this certificate or master's degree first. I havent figured out which one yet. Finances as of right now tells me to go for the cert. Future and potential finances tells me to go after the masters in education. I guess I'll make a decision soon.

Big ups to you on doing the teaching. God knows we need more folks that look like me and you up in the classroom.

I'm taking an off day too, but that's b/c the wifey and daughter ar sick. Not gonna be fun, but I think I might catch a few wire episodes on the DVR again.

Why are all the kids sitting definitely a good read. I think you'llenjoy it if you like taking in sociological, historical and instituional racism studies.

I'm supporting barack, but I need to do more research about his legislative history in D.C. I've read his book and looked at what he's done as an IL state senator and an organizer. I've done some research on him. What bothers me is the people who support him just because....

I think I'd let ole girl go, but I've never been in that situation. I'd probably think about why we parted ways and assume that it was for the best. But once again, i don't know what I would do unless i was placed in that situation.

Sorry for the novel, homes...I can get a little carried away at times.

BTW, what do you teach? and at what grade level?

JayBee said...

@mp-I would go for the certificate first. In that way you can be paid a decent wage. You can take classes for your Master's while you're already teaching. There are so many programs to get Master's degrees in education right now that are flexible and easy to manage. I feel you on the people who like him cause he looks like us. What about what he stands for? I teach high school math 9-12.

Rashan Jamal said...

Man, I didn't not see that coming on The Wire. Even after it happened I sat there like, this cant be happening. It was like Stringer all over again.

I've been through the whole married woman thing. It wasn't worth it for me. It felt good at the time, but later I felt like crap.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

No, I'm not supporting him for that reason. I hate wehn people vote based on that and other superficial reasons. i truly do believe that he can bring change about in this country...that is if he ahs the support of a bipartian congress. i've read his book, and while i do believe that memoirs are to be taken with a grain of salt, I really do belive that he is capable of change. Congress is so turned off by the other two candidates. I believe that he'd be in a better postion to work with them to pass legislation, to improve the daily lives of the working poor through financial and tax incentives. And I like his stance on healthcare. But as with all candidates, it's all talk now. We'll see what comes to fruition effective Jan. 9. 2009.

If Hillary wins the nomination, I'll be behind her as well. Their differences are superficial.I'm not anti-Hillary like so many of the supporters seem to be. I'm just pro-Obama. As I type, I'm looking into his Illinois legislative history as well as his Senate history. So you can definitely remove me from that group that is supporting him simply based on his pigment.

Thanks for the info and the advice....and sorry for the long response

Opinionated Diva said...

Who was killed? I missed the episode this Sunday!!! Wait don't tell me! Damn I'm mad I missed it Omar? Just tell me it's not Omar!

My cousin teaches in Atl and my best friend teaches there as well...their app process sucks. I remember both complaining about it.

I have a hard time staying in relationships, but I totally respect 'em. I would not holla at matter how much I wanted them...if they were in a relationship. It just makes things awkward...would you really trust someone who just drops their current man/woman to be with you so suddenly?

Eb the Celeb said...

Damn... someone else got killed?

Already...they just got prop joe... I havent seen last sunday's episode... will prolly watch on demand sometime tomorrow.

cadence said...

I know, I know...I need to call you back on the ATL thing. When you called, I was on my way out of the country, so I couldn't speak. I am back now, though. I'll hit you soon.

Anyway, I think that you should leave honey alone. I know it's probably harder to do than to say but, it's the right thing to do. How would you feel if you were her man and a next dude tried to step in and rekindle the flames? Even if you do get her, do you really think that you could trust her? Not a good idea.