Thursday, August 21, 2008

As per your request

At One_man's request I'll post a quick and dirty update. Tired. Been working 12-14 hour days trying to get this school ready to open. Tired. The workload is almost overwhelming. This particular school is so behind the times. They don't have stuff that I would consider basic for a school to function. The people in DC think in NC and GA there's nothing but tumbleweeds and cows. They are always asking if we have "that" down there. Most of the time my response is, "Yes. Ya'll ain't got nothing we ain't got. Our cities are just cleaner." They are so annoying.

I have to provide curricular support to math teachers mainly but I can support all teachers. I have some teachers who aren't credentialed and some who really don't have any experience teaching math at the middle school level. I'll have to work closely with and monitor those folks. It is very difficult finding good math teachers, especially this late in the game. School starts Monday for students. I did an interview today. I had to take the woman because my back is up against the wall.

Promise I'll give you something for real when this stuff calms down. I've been out to a few restaurants and done a couple of clubs. I played bingo a couple times as well. No bingo is not just for old people. I enjoy it. Okay, I feel like a nap so I'm gonna jet. I haven't made my blog rounds in a while either, but I'll get on that in the near future. Be safe.


Anonymous said...


Whew, had me worried there for a minute. Thought you got swallowed by a manhole, lol. Or you got lost and ended up in B-more, lol.

Hearing you say the school district is behind scares the daylight outta me. These places are responsible for molding the future of our children. But they've got you so that's a start.

Good luck with everything. Hope you'll find the time to catch us up on the new j-o-b.

Ladynay said...

I went to a DC public school for 2 years and I am saddened that not much has changed! I remember when I first moved the kids used to talk about the way I said pencil. Retards!

Help catch 'em up J!

RealHustla said...

Stay on top of those teachers!

RunGirl. said...

Have they called you a Bama yet??

Don said...

You be safe, as well.

12-14 hour days sound like you really have your work cut out for you. But I think it bodes well for someone who appears to enjoy teaching.

JayBee said...

@ieisha: not lost in b-more! if i saw anything that looked remotely close to the wire i'd go the other way. (nah not really. my inquisitive nature would get the best of me.) catch up is definitely coming.

@ladynay: these psuedo-northerners love to poke fun as us southerners.

@realhustla: fa sho. their performance is how i'm evaluated.

@rungirl.: not least not to my face, but i'm sure it's happened behind my back and soon it'll be to my face.

@don: i'm gonna try to be safe. i can't describe to you how bad this place is. i ask somebody everyday, how the hell were ya'll having school?

Mizrepresent said...

Glad to see and hear that you are okay...Wow at your workload, but i love your tenacity!

blkbutterfly said...

good luck with everything.

school also starts on Monday here in Houston. so, i can relate to the pressure and frustration.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Okay, superman, that was a nice taste. Interesting that school starts at the same time that it starts here. I wish you the best. Have fun. Don't get over come with work.

So, did you win at BINGO?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Man u gone do and be just fine - congrats again

Anonymous said...

I loves me some bingo!!! Glad you're alive... and hoping your workload doesn't tire you out too much!!

Good luck dude!! ♥

JayBee said...

@mizrepresent: once we get everything going it should level off.

@blkbutterfly: their another educator among us?

@one_man: superman? oh, the sarcasm! i didn't win that time, but i'll redeem myself.

@torrance: i could hear tina turner's "work out fine" playing in the background after i read your comment. 'preciate it folk. (first time i ever used your word.)

@gotta: you too! people think it's just for oldies. how misinformed they are. i'm a soldier so i'll handle it. thanks for the well wishes.

Muze said...

lol @ them thinking the south is behind the times.

boooo to working 12-14 hour days. yeah right.

whew. crazy.

cadence said...

I love bingo!! One day at a time, my brotha.